Appointed Positions

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Speaker of Congress

The Speaker of Congress has a unique role because it is voted on and decided upon by Congress at the beginning of each year. The Speaker is tasked with running and organizing weekly meetings and being a resource for all members of UMDSGA. Some tasks this position entails are creating agendas, keeping track of attendance for both the weekly meetings and all internal committees, and coordinating with external groups and speakers for meetings. The Speaker is an active part of the organization as they sit on all internal committees and the Executive board. There is also an opportunity for flexibility with this position due to the ability to adapt meetings to fit the current Congress however the Speaker sees fit.

Associate Speaker of Congress

The Associate Speaker performs all duties of the speaker if the speaker is absent. This position is also the chair of the Committees on Committees. This position is voted on by Congress.

Academic Affairs Officer

As the Academic Affairs Officer, you are one of the representatives for students on campus when it comes to policies and academics. Within this position, you work alongside faculty and staff to ensure student voices and concerns are equally heard and reflected in academic policies. You are also responsible for providing resources and support to students. This is through events like Late Night Library, which provides snacks and drinks to students as a way to boost them through finals week. Another event is Advising on the Go, which connects students to the advisors of each college so that they can gain important connections that can guide them through their time as students at UMD. You also have a position on the Teaching and Learning Committee where you will be able to voice all student concerns when academic policies are being created or revised. 

Student Life Officer

The Office of Student Life oversees all non-academic matters concerning students. This includes formulating policies for student well-being and organizing impactful events to foster a stronger connection between the SGA and the student body. More specific information about mandated events can be found in the bylaws. The Office of Student Life leads the Internal Student Life Committee and the Governance Student Experience Committee, which directly reports to the Chancellor of UMD. Both committees are dedicated to enhancing students' experiences on and off campus. Any full-time student with a minimum of 12 credits at the time of elections is eligible.

External Affairs Officer

The External Affairs Officer role is charged with enhancing and expanding engagement with the external community to foster opportunities and resources that benefit the student body. They serve as a link between the student body and external organizations, including education partners, industry leaders, and community groups. They are in charge of planning events like Life After the Dorm, Night Walks, Yell Like Hell, and other events that are crucial for bridging the external community and the student body together.

Financial Officer

The Financial Officer is responsible for preparing and maintaining the budget with subcategories for committees. Additionally, they oversee and approve all purchases made by my UMDSGA and chair the Student Organization Grant committee. 

Representative to the Board of Regents

As Representative to the Board of Regents (R2R), your job is to be the bridge between the students of UMD and the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota. Along with generic UMDSGA duties that any member of this organization would have, your responsibilities include:

  • Attend the Board of Regents meeting over Zoom or in person (the University pays for overnight stays). Preferably, you will want to go in person to meet the Regents.
  • Keep up to date with current University of Minnesota policy and provide a student perspective on issues to the Board of Regents. 
  • Meet with students here at UMD and keep up to date with their opinions about the UofM system and the Board. While your job in the meetings is to represent all students, you are the sole representative of our campus, so make sure to tell the Board the opinions of UMD.
  • You and the other Representatives of the Board will present a topic in the March meeting about a topic of your collective choosing. You will be expected to work on this report with your peers and, like number three, provide the perspective of UMD.

These are the essentials of your job as an R2R and is an exciting opportunity to get involved with the highest governing body in the University of Minnesota system.

Rules and Elections Director

As Rules and Elections Director, the main responsibility is planning and monitoring the Fall and Spring Elections. In addition to monitoring the election process, throughout the year the Rules and Elections director is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Constitution and Bylaws.

Public Relations Director

As the Public Relations Director for SGA, you manage and create content that is put out on behalf of the organization, as well as manage any images and perceptions the student body has with SGA. Your duties include managing the org's Instagram, creating and ordering merchandise items like stickers, hats, cups, and otherwise branded items, and creating posters and graphics for all of the committees in SGA. You must be proficient and knowledgeable in using graphic design applications like Adobe Illustrator and/or Canva to not only create visually appealing posters and follow our overall brand theme but also to create merchandising items. You must also know how to manage interactions on social media and beyond to market our organization. You must be able to evaluate our target audience and effectively create content that they find stimulating and engaging. Overall, as Public Relations Director, you manage our brand and what it means to the general student body. 

Diversity and Inclusion Director

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director is the primary contact between SGA and the Multicultural Center (MC). The DEI Director has to be an active member of at least one MC student organization. The MC student leaders appoint the new director from a group of nominees. It is also required to attend biweekly meetings throughout the school year. 

Systems Administrator

As the System Administrator, utilized Drupal CMS for efficient website maintenance, ensuring quick information updates for students. Demonstrated strong organizational skills by capturing meeting minutes on diverse topics during Congress every Monday. 

Bulldog Lyft Director

The Bulldog Lyft Director manages the university's Lyft program, ensuring that it stays on budget and is accessible to all eligible students. Throughout the year, the director will present to Congress and the Associated Vice Chancellor for Student Life to make decisions for the betterment of the program. A presentation will also be given to the SSF committee to ensure funding for the following year.

Legislative Relations Director

The Legislative Relations Director handles all legislative matters related to SGA. They are responsible for planning the annual Bulldog Lobby Day along with other lobbying events. The LRD chairs the Legislative Relations Committee and selects Student Legislative Advocates.

Sustainability Director

The Sustainability Director is the direct connection between the Student Government  Association and the Office of Sustainability. Their responsibilities include advocating for campus concerns regarding sustainability, supporting student sustainability leadership, and showcasing sustainability-focused resources on-campus through the Sustainability Fair in the Fall and Earth Week in the Spring.